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Piezo Pickup Bass

Artec PP-617 Acoustic Bass Under Saddle Piezo Pickup


Guitar & Bass Accessories Dual Piezo Pickup 6.35mm Jack With Volume Tone Control


5 String Piezo Bass Bridge Pickup-Black-New


FISHMAN BP-100 Upright Bass Piezo-Ceramic Pickup PROBP100B NEW


TONE MONSTER AVT-F Acoustic Preamp Guitar Bass Ukulele Mandolin Cajon Dulcimer


Kremona KNA DB-1 Portable Piezo Wing-Slot Pickup & Jack for Upright/Double Bass


Schatten RB-1A Upright/Double Bass Active Bridge Sensor Piezo Pickup w/Preamp


Schaller 722 (10/83) Oyster Dual Sensor Piezo Guitar/Bass Internal Pickup w/Jack


Fishman BP-100 Upright/Double Bass Dual Sensor Piezo Bridge Pickup System w/Jack


Guitar & Bass Accessories 5-Pack Piezo Contact Microphone Pickups For Guitar,


Barcus-Berry B3150-M Clamp-on Upright Bass Piezo Pickup, Preamp Not Included NEW


Barcus-Berry B3150 Clamp-on Upright Bass Piezo Bridge Pickup w/3000A Preamp, NEW


Barcus Berry B3150 String Bass Piezo Transducer and Pre-Amplifier, New!


Schaller 723 (10/84) Oyster Passive External Guitar/Bass Piezo Pickup w/Cable


Guitar & Bass Accessories Dual Piezo Pickup 6.35Mm Jack With Volume Tone Control




Guitar & Bass Accessories Andoer Acoustic 5-Band EQ Equalizer Preamp Piezo Tuner


NEW Duncan Turner Seymour Duncan D-TAR DTAR Bass Soundspot Pickup, NIB


Upright Double bass Pickup 4 Band Preamplifier EQ Equalizer Piezo 7545R #3798


Artec PP-537 Under Saddle Piezo Pickup for 5 String Acoustic Bass Guitar


Andoer Acoustic Guitar & Bass Accessories 5-Band EQ Equalizer Preamp Piezo Tuner


TONE MONSTER EP2 Acoustic Bass Guitar End Pin Preamp SA4B UST Piezo Pickup


Artec MT3 MULTI PURPOSE 3 Band EQ On Board Circuit for Guitar Bass Piezo


Active Preamp Piezo 2 Band Equalizer Harness for Electric Guitar Bass


Fishman BP-100 Classic Series Upright Bass Pizz Tone Bridge-Mounted Pickup


NEW K&K Sound Pure Bass/Tenor 4-String Acoustic Bass 4-stri Guitar Pickup w/Jack


Guitar & Bass Accessories Andoer Acoustic 5-Band Eq Equalizer Preamp Piezo Tuner


Upright Bass Double Piezo Bridge Wing Pickup LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!


Fishman BP-100 Double Bass Pickup


23cm Piezo Cable Under Saddle Pickup for Acoustic Guitar Bass Professional


Guitar & Bass Accessories Acoustic Transducer Pre-Wired Amplifier Piezo Jack